Bradford council launches review of fireworks after complaints of displays being held all year round

A review of the use of fireworks has been launched by Bradford council. Pic: Marie Caley
A review of the use of fireworks has been launched by Bradford council. Pic: Marie Caley
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A review of the use of fireworks in Bradford is to be launched because of complaints that displays both day and night at all times of year are "causing distress".

Labour-run Bradford Council's Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been commissioned to carry out a wholesale review of the use of fireworks "as a result of residents expressing serious concerns about anti-social behaviour involving fireworks across their neighbourhoods".

The scrutiny review will consider the way fireworks are sold and distributed across the city and explore whether more prevention and enforcement measures could be taken.

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Councillors will also examine the use of fireworks around Bonfire Night and at religious and family occasions and scrutinise the inappropriate use of fireworks, including the impact upon people and animals.

Bradford Council is encouraging residents to come forward and voice any issues or concerns they may have regarding anti-social behaviour involving fireworks. Public views will be fed back into a wider information-gathering session.

The authority said in a statement: "Fireworks can be used responsibly by sensible adults, particularly at well-run public events at reasonable times of the day.

"In recent years however, large firework celebrations seem to be happening a lot more often throughout the year both at night and during the day, with loud noise causing distress to people, pets and other animals in the district."

Abdul Jabar, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said: “We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to inform this review so we can take the right steps to tackle the issue of anti-social firework behaviour.

“Most people behave responsibly with fireworks but we need to find the best way to tackle the minority who behave recklessly and cause problems for others. Anyone who thinks they can help should contact us and make their views known.”

All responses should be sent to Mustansir Butt, Overview and Scrutiny Lead, via email on or by post to room 112, 1st floor, City Hall, by Tuesday 31 March 2020.