Bridlington: Yorkshire land train passengers injured after driver breaks to avoid hitting dog

Three Yorkshire land train passengers were injured and its driver was left visibly shaken after braking to avoid hitting a dog.

Injuries included a bloodied nose and swollen wrists following the incident on Sewerby Cliff top. The dog’s owner was around 100m away at the time of the incident on Friday (April 12).

East Riding Council’s Coastal Services team said drivers would always try to avoid hitting loose dogs but they would take no responsibility if one is ever injured or killed. The Coastal Services’ team’s Facebook post stated that witnesses claimed the dog chased the land train, which takes visitors from Bridlington to Sewerby, before moving in front of it.

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They added three passengers had to be treated for minor injuries as a result of the incident and called on dog owners to keep their pets under control. The Coastal Services team said: “The driver had to brake harshly to avoid hitting the dog.

The land trains at Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.The land trains at Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.
The land trains at Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.

“The train just missed the dog, which ran straight back to the owner who was estimated to be approximately 100m away when the incident occurred. The owner, who may have been oblivious to the incident, headed away from the incident towards Sewerby.

“The land train driver was visibly shaken by the incident but followed the correct procedure. Whilst our drivers make every effort to avoid hitting loose dogs, if an uncontrolled dog is injured or killed by a land train the council will take no responsibility for it and passenger safety will always take priority. Please keep your dog under control at all times when walking on promenades and Sewerby cliff top and help us keep everybody safe.”