This is where 3,662 new homes should be built in Leeds City Centre

Leeds city centre is likely to take on more than 3,600 new homes over the next few years, after a new document from Leeds City Council was rubber-stamped this month.

Find out where abouts in Leeds city centre is set for housing development.
Find out where abouts in Leeds city centre is set for housing development.

The site allocations plan (SAP) is the city’s new housing master plan, outlining in extensive detail where new homes should be built in Leeds over the coming decade.

Following a year of disagreements, which culminated in an inquiry into the plans, Leeds City Council this month finally rubber-stamped the document.

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The SAP is split into 10 “housing characteristic areas”, each with their own proposed sites earmarked for housing and employment development.

Find out where abouts in Leeds city centre is set for housing development.

This article will focus on plans for Leeds City Centre. Unlike other areas of the city, this one contains a number of mixed sites comprising both office and housing space.

The document also lists green spaces which should be protected from development.

SEE ALSO: This is where 552 new homes in Guiseley, Rawdon and Yeadon should be builtIt is expected that developers will use the SAP as a guide on what they can build in Leeds and whereabouts, while the council claims it will give the city extra protection from “bad developments”.

It adds that seven sites, comprising a proposed 1,577 homes, have already been approved in and around the city centre. These sites are in addition to those.

The new sites added to the SAP are as follows:

Land off Brandon Road, Woodhouse (0.2 hectares) – 72 units

Great George Street, Leeds (0.02 hectares) – seven units

Centenary House, North Street, Leeds (0.26 hectares) – 85 units

49 Aire Street, Leeds (0.02 hectares) – six units

Silver Street / Midland Mills North (0.27 Hectares) – 86 units

Silver Street / Midland Mills South (0.57 hectares) – 179 units

Holbeck Day Centre, Holbeck Moor Road (0.23 hectares) – 14 units

Globe Quay, Globe Road, Holbeck (0.11 hectares) – four units

The Faversham, Springfield Mount (0.32 hectares) – 30 units

Leeds General Infirmary, Great George Street (4.25 hectares) – 372 units and 12,000 square metres office space.

Baker House, Bridge Street (0.2 hectares) – 63 units and 1,000 square metres office space.

Leeds College of Building, North Street (0.9 hectares) – 180 units and 4,500 square metres office space.

Regent Street/Skinner Lane (0.21 hectares) – 72 units

Former Leeds International Swimming Pool, Westgate (1.32 hectares) – 209 units and 13,243 square metres office space.

Brotherton House, Westgate (0.27 hectares) – 63 units and 5,000 square metres office space.

St Peter’s Square (0.09 hectares) – 49 units and 600 square metres office space.

Quarry Hill / York Street (2.75 hectares) – 600 units and 11,000 square metres office space.

7 Duncan Street (0.04 hectares) – 15 units and 428 square metres office space.

Wharf Street (0.05 hectares) – 14 units

38 The Calls (0.03 hectares) – 14 units and 112 square metres office space.

Westbank, Water Lane (2.2 hectares) – 288 units and 20,790 square metres office space.

Criterion Place North (0.35 hectares) – 210 units and 2,310 square metres office space.

Temple Works (11.37 hectares) – 1,000 units and 3.1 hectares of employment space.

Water Lane car park (0.18 hectares) – 30 units and 3,000 square metres office space.

This would leave the city centre with a housing allocation of 3,662.

The document adds that no sites in the city centre have been identified as suitable for school use, while the site at Kidacre Street should continue as a gypsy and traveller site.

In addition to the sites listed for mixed employment and housing use, there were also a number of other areas listed for potential office use. Those were Kirkstall Road car park, Hunslet Lane and Leathley Road and Cross Myrtle Street.

A total of 50 sites were identified as green space which should be protected.