Yorkshire-born MP Dehenna Davison ‘overwhelmed’ by support after saying she is bisexual

Yorkshire-born Red Wall MP Dehenna Davison says she has been "overwhelmed by the outpouring of love" after becoming the first female Tory MP to come out as bisexual.
Conservative MP Dehenna Davison has revealed she is bisexual.Conservative MP Dehenna Davison has revealed she is bisexual.
Conservative MP Dehenna Davison has revealed she is bisexual.

Dehenna Davison, who is originally from Sheffield, said her sexuality is not a big deal and “just part of who I am”.

The 28-year-old was elected to represent Bishop Auckland in 2019, the first Tory to hold the post since the constituency’s creation in 1885, as Boris Johnson secured a majority in Westminster.

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In an interview due to be broadcast on GB News on Monday, Miss Davison said: “If anyone were to explicitly ask me, I certainly wouldn’t try and hide it because I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

“The reason I haven’t done a kind of ‘By the way, guys’ is because I don’t want being bi to be considered a big deal.

“If I did a very public kind of coming out parade, that would be me saying there’s something really unusual about this and trying to make a big deal of it when to me it’s not. It’s just part of who I am.”

In the interview, previewed in The Daily Telegraph, Miss Davison spoke of how she is in the process of divorcing her husband and is in a relationship, adding: “It’s going really well, and I’m very excited about it. But we’ll see, the future is a very exciting place.”

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In 2018, Miss Davison appeared in the Channel 4 programme Bride And Prejudice, which showed the then 24-year-old marrying John Fareham, a Conservative councillor who is 35 years her senior.

In a tweet on Sunday evening, she added: “Really overwhelmed by the outpouring of love this evening. Thank you so much for your support.”

Conservative colleagues were among those offering their support to Miss Davison, with Peterborough MP Paul Bristow tweeting “Good for @DehennaDavison. Spot on. It’s not a big deal but by saying this – in a wide ranging interview – will undoubtedly still help others.”

The LGBT+ Conservatives Twitter account wrote: “We’re so proud of our friend @DehennaDavison!

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“We welcome her to our community with open arms and are so excited to continue working with her as she enters this new chapter in her life.”

In the GB News interview, Miss Davison also described the shock of learning that her father, Dominic, had been killed by a single blow "in the side of the neck" when she was just 13.

She said: "The force was just enough and it hit exactly the wrong point that it ripped an artery. My Dad was dead before he hit the ground, basically, which was such a shock. I mean, you can't really mentally prepare yourself for that at all."

Her father's assailant pleaded self-defence and was not convicted of the assault. She has set up an all-party parliamentary group on one-punch assaults to investigate improving support for victims and on whether the sentencing of attackers needs to change.

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