Doncaster votes to keep its elected mayor

VOTERS in Doncaster today voted to retain the town’s controversial mayoral system despite a campaign waged by the Labour party.

The town’s electorate voted by a margin of 61.7 per cent in favour of an elected mayor, with 37.8 per cent voting against.

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Turnout for the vote was 30 per cent, with a total of 42,196 people voting to keep the system, and 25,879 voting to scrap it.

Current elected mayor Peter Davies, an English Democrat, was not at the count to see the result, but it was welcomed by his party.

The Labour group leader Sandra Holland said she was satisfied that the people of Doncaster had been given the chance to vote, and said her party would now “move forward”.

Elsewhere in the region, voters in Bradford, Wakefield and Sheffield voted to reject the idea of elected mayors. Voters in Leeds were expected to follow suit.