Election 2015: Last push as Farage stakes career on South Thanet

Nigel Farage made a last-ditch push for votes in Thanet South in the final 24 hours before polling opens in the 2015 General Election.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

The Ukip leader hit the campaign trail in Ramsgate, Kent, as politicians nationwide entered a final eleventh-hour effort to gain votes.

Pursued by a media scrum, Mr Farage said he “won’t have any nerves” tomorrow as he called on members of the British public who want “real change” to “vote for it”.

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He said his party had fought a good campaign, adding: “We produced a professional manifesto. We tried like hell to have a serious debate on big issues. We have not always been able to engage in those debates. I think the party has matured.”

Overall, he felt the election campaign had been “dominated by negativity”, and he felt the public had been “cheated” out of a proper debate.

On whether he would be praying, Mr Farage said it was a “private matter” but he would be “having a couple of moments of quiet time” tomorrow.

Earlier, Mr Farage wrote in the Daily Express that “every single vote for Ukip is a vote for change, a change in direction for our country but also a change in our voting system, because the one we’ve got doesn’t work any more”.

He added: “It is a big moment for me after all these years. This is my Becher’s Brook. I’ve got to jump it and land safely on the other side.”