Error at polling station leaves potential voters fearing they won't have their say in the EU referendum

It was reported earlier today that voters in one district feared they would be unable to cast their votes due to an error with the polling stations.

According to residents on Knaves Hill, in Leighton Buzzard, much of the road was not included on the registration list at Linslade Lower School polling station, meaning that they were unable to cast their vote.

Central Beds Council has said that the problem has now been resolved and that it is making arrangements with voters who missed out.

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Tim Casterton, of Knaves Hill, told the LBO he was turned away from the polling station early this morning.

He said: “They said that they didn’t have any of the high numbers on the list and they couldn’t give me a voting card.

“My neighbour wasn’t on there either, it is a total shambles.

“Andrew Selous (MP for SW Beds) was outside the station and I spoke to him about it – he said he would ring the returning officer and find out what had happened.

“I heard a few other people with the same complaint.”

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Mr Casterton, 56, added that he may now not be able to vote at all, as he has to drive to Durham after work this evening.

He said: “I might miss it completely which is annoying as (the vote) is supposed to be really close.”

Central Beds Council says it is aware of two voters who were turned away at the Linslade Lower School polling station, but Andrew Selous has said that a ‘high number’ of residents were left unable to cast their vote.

In an email to Mr Casterton, the South West Beds MP added: “I understand that unfortunately the correct register was not provided to the polling station officers hence the mistake.

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“I understand that anyone who still wishes to vote at the Leopold Road Polling Station who was prevented from being unable to vote this morning can return to the polling station up to 10pm this evening to cast their vote.”

A CBC spokesperson told the LBO: “We are aware of two individuals who we were unable to verify on the electoral register immediately the polling station opened and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and have spoken to them.”

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