Flash protest planned in Leeds to oppose Boris Johnson's Parliament shutdown

A pro-European Union protest group is planning a 'flash protest' in Leeds city centre to oppose plans by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament.

Leeds for Europe is planning a flash protest to be held on Thursday

Today, protest group Leeds For Europe unveiled plans to hold a protest at 5.30pm on Thursday in Leeds' City Square.

The Prime Minister has revealed plans to prorogue Parliament from mid-September after news broke that around 160 MPs are planning to band together to block any possible no-deal Brexit from being pushed through.

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Cynics have labelled the plans to prorogue Parliament as a bid to railroad through a no-deal Brexit by reducing the amount of time MPs have to block the plans.

A flash protest is set for Thursday in Leeds City Square

A spokesman for Leeds For Europe said: "This is an emergency! Parliament is being shut down by a Prime Minister who wants to bypass it to force through #Brexit.

"Join the resistance now. Flash protest in City Square #Leeds 5.30pm Thursday."

The UK is set to leave the European Union on October 31.