Get a voice, Wales tells the English

England lacks its own voice on the future of the UK, Wales’ First Minister has said.

Carwyn Jones, the country’s most powerful politician, has urged fellow leaders in the UK to sit down and discuss the nation’s constitution before any referendum on Scottish independence.

During a lecture in the House of Commons, Mr Jones said having a proper convention on the matter would let England to contribute to the debate – something the Welsh Labour leader felt was lacking.

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He said: “Rather than simply allow events in Scotland to unfold, and to react to whatever happens when it happens, political and civil society across the UK should be talking now about what kind of UK we want to see. One major advantage of establishing a convention would be to enable a more specifically English contribution to the debate. The discussions in recent years on constitutional matters within the UK have been primarily, and perhaps disproportionately, about the governance of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”