Highest number of postal votes in the country cast in Leeds

Leeds has the highest number of voters casting their ballot via post this election.

Some 106,946 people - just under 18 per cent of the electorate - have sent in their postal vote in the area, which as well as the city constituencies include Elmet and Rothwell, Morley and Outwood, and Pudsey.

There will be 500 count staff tallying up the votes at the city’s First Direct Arena overnight, as ballot boxes are rushed in from the 354 polling stations set up in the area.

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Some 1,100 staff are manning these polling stations from 7am to 10pm today.

Voters arriving at the Polling Station in Thorner Parish Centre, near Leeds, for the General Election 2019. Photo: JPI Media

The first results in Leeds are hoped to be announced around 2.30am with Leeds Central, with the final results from Elmet and Rothwell and Morley and Outwood at around 4am.

But these timings are likely to change.

The total number of people who can vote in the Leeds constituencies is 597,277 - up by 6,163 since the June 2017 election, and by 29,207 since the May 2015 election.

The turnout last time around was 67.27 per cent.

The third General Election in less than five years has been largely dominated by the 2016 vote to leave the European Union - with Labour pledging to give voters another say in a second referendum, while the Tories have vowed to take the UK out of the EU next month.