Husband of Jo Cox warns violent rhetoric leads to real violence following scenes of violence from Trump supporters at the Capitol

'Violent rhetoric always ends with real violence' the husband of late MP Jo Cox has warned, following news of Trump supporters storming the Capitol.

Four people were killed after rioters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday. Picture: Getty

Brendan Cox said that Mr Trump "may not have pulled the trigger" but that he had "supplied the ammunition" after four people died in the siege on Wednesday.

Hundreds of people on social media rushed to invoke the events that led to Batley & Spen MP Mrs Cox's murder in June 2016, just one week before Britain voted to leave the European Union.

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Debate around Brexit was at its height when the Labour MP was shot and stabbed as she attended a constituency surgery in Birstall.

Her killer - Thomas Mair - has never provided explanation for what he did, although a subsequent investigation had uncovered a raft of neo-Nazi material and white supremacist literature at his home while the Old Bailey trial heard he had told officers who arrested him he was a "political activist".

Wednesday's scenes of violence followed weeks of baseless claims from Trump over mass voter fraud and his refusal to concede to the election's certified victor, Joe Biden.

Minutes after Biden called for the President to condemn the violence, Mr Trump posted a since-deleted video on Twitter telling rioters to "go home", but repeating his claims the election was "stolen" and adding, "we love're very special".

The tweet was initially blocked from being shared or replied to, with a warning from Twitter that it bore disputed claims about the election and incited violence, but was later removed.

A video posted by Trump urging protesters to "go home" but adding "we love're very special" was removed by Twitter.

His Twitter account, which has more than 88m followers, has now been temporarily suspended, while Facebook and Snapchat also took action against his various accounts.

Tweeting about the violence, Mr Cox wrote: "Anyone directly responsible for political violence should be held accountable. But so should [Donald Trump]. He is culpable for any shots, any bricks and any harm. Horrific what one man and a cohort of political cowards has done to American democracy."

Brendan Cox