Labour tightens grip in Hull

LABOUR took an even firmer hold of Hull Council last night after taking 5 seats from the Liberal Democrats.

Labour now has 39 councillors to the Lib Dems 17, a far cry from just 2 years ago when they enjoyed an 11 seat majority.

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Turnout slumped to 25 per cent down from 32 per cent, with councillors from across the board blaming it on the public’s disillusionment with national politics.

UKIP which fielded a record nine candidates outshone the Tories in the seats they contested.

Highest profile casualty of the night was Lib Dem councillor John Robinson. Happiest father and son combo was Ken and Karl Turner, as son Karl, Hull East MP saw his father romp home to victory in Sutton, one of the five Labour gains from the Lib Dems.