Leeds solicitor behind Trump petition welcomes support

THE LEEDS solicitor behind a petition protesting at plans to welcome Donald Trump on a state visit to Britain has described the huge support for it as 'absolutely crazy'.

A Leeds solicitor is behind a petition to stop Donald Trump receiving a state visit

Graham Guest, who described himself as “not politically active” submitted his petition to Parliament several weeks ago and admitted he was surprised when support for it took off today.

Having started the day with a few hundred signatures, by 5pm more than 400,000 people had backed the petition, easily passing the 100,000 needed to force MPs to consider it for a debate.

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He told The Yorkshire Post: “He is a misogynist racist and he just seems to be completely incapable of running the richest, most powerful, country and it is a worry for everyone.

“I thought a state visit would legitimise his presidency in a way that it shouldn’t be.”

The petition, arguing a state visit would “cause embarrassment” to the Queen, had attracted just a few signatures before taking off today.

Mr Guest said: “I have just been posting the URL on the odd thing on Twitter to try and get people interested but I am not a professional media person, I’ve got a job to do, I just did it in my spare time.

“But these things have a habit of just taking off. I think this immigration ban has angered people a bit and made people get behind it.”

Mr Guest said he was “very pleased” the petition could now force a debate in Parliament.

He added: “I think it will be quite a lively debate. I can’t see there being many people speaking up on behalf of Trump.

“Whether or not the visit will be stopped I don’t know. I am not hugely optimistic but I think it is a way of putting spotlight on it.

“He bans people from coming to America in ridiculous grounds. How does he feel about another country banning him?”