Miliband rejects Tory manifesto comparison

ED MILIBAND has rejected comparisons between the Conservatives' General Election manifesto and the policies he put forward as Labour Party leader.
Ed MilibandEd Miliband
Ed Miliband

Theresa May's more interventionist Conservative agenda, outlined in the manifesto she launched in Halifax on Thursday, have led to comparisons with ideas set out by Mr Miliband as he led Labour into the last election.

Mr Miliband, who is defending the Doncaster North seat he has held since 2005, said: "The thing I would say about the Conservative manifesto is not in my name.

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"I was proposing ideas to tackle equality and make society fairer. What I see in the Conservative manifesto is a set of proposals that will make inequality worse, poverty worse and our society more unfair.

"If you steal one of my policies or a couple of my policies that is never going to outweigh all of the other things we see in the Conservative manifesto and frankly they are not even very good at stealing them.

"The energy price cap is not really a cap, they seem to be rowing back on workers on boards, so in the end I think the real thing is always better than the imitation."

Mr Miliband was speaking as he campaigned with Neil Dawson, Labour's candidate in Morley and Outwood where the party is hoping to unseat Andrea Jenkyns.

Ms Jenkyns won the seat in 2015, taking it from then Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls by just 422 votes.