Mitchell’s ‘Plebgate’ bicycle sale raises £10,600 for Kenya Aids charity

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell’s bicycle, which was at the centre of the “plebgate” row, has raised £10,600 for charity after it was sold on eBay.

Mr Mitchell was riding the seven-year-old bike when police officers refused to let him leave Downing Street via the main gate in September last year. It was claimed at the time that Mr Mitchell swore at the officers and called them “plebs”. Mr Mitchell – who strenuously denies the allegation that he called the officers “plebs” – was forced to resign after a series of damaging headlines.

He put the 18-speed Reflex Westminster on sale to give it a “good home out of the limelight”, and after a five-day auction the bike fetched £10,600 on eBay last night, which will go to Nyumbani UK, which helps HIV and Aids-affected children in Kenya.

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The charity said the auction attracted more than 31,600 views over five days, with 60 bids in total, but the identity of the bike’s new owner has not been revealed.

Mr Mitchell said: “I am pleased it has raised so much for Nyumbani UK, which helps thousands of Kenyan children orphaned through the HIV pandemic.

“The auction has gone better than I thought it would.”

Nyumbani UK chairman Simon Philips said the charity was extremely grateful, adding: “All proceeds will go towards providing these children with the best nutritional, medical, educational and psychosocial care and will definitely make a tangible difference to their lives.”