North Yorkshire set for comedy drama about MPs setting up Parliament in the North

A new comedy drama featuring MPs shipped up to a Yorkshire stately home to start a new Parliament is set for British screens by the next election, its creator has said.

In an interview with The Yorkshire Post, Tim Reynard, the creator of “Uprooted” by DeCantillon Films, said that the series will be set in North Yorkshire after a tragic incident in Parliament meaning that the House of Commons and Lords have to be moved to the North in 90 days.

“It's a predominantly drama, with elements of comedy,” he said.

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“It's about a project manager working for Parliament's and a council official from North Yorkshire Council, who were tasked to to set up a temporary parliament in Yorkshire, after a tragic accident at the Palace of Westminster.

Tim Reynard, the creator of “Uprooted”Tim Reynard, the creator of “Uprooted”
Tim Reynard, the creator of “Uprooted”

“The bulk of the show will be set in North Yorkshire at an undisclosed town, we've decided not to name the town in the show, so a fictional town.

It comes after Boris Johnson’s proposal to move Parliament to York was rejected in 2020 while a multibillion-pound restoration of the Palace of Westminster took place.

The then-prime minister suggested that a possible location outside of London be explored for MPs and Peers to sit and legislate while around £4 billion of work took place to fix parts of the crumbling House of Commons and House of Lords.

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“The idea is that it's very close to York, and so the majority of the series focuses around these two characters, the one from Parliament and the one from a council, and their progressof setting up a Parliament in the space of 90 days,” said Mr Reynard.

“A lot of it looks at the relationship between the people on in this Northern town, and thei opinions and difficulties with a flood of people coming up from predominantly London, but we do very much look, especially in the first episode, at how crazy this whole situation is.

“With such a lack of land in London, and with the unnamed Tories wanting to retain their seats in the North, they decide to make this huge move and bring Parliament up to Yorkshire.”

The show, which is yet to be commissioned, will likely be looking for a large stately home to film the project, Mr Reynard said.

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“We're going to be looking for a large stately home, which in our story will be the home of the actual two Lords and Commons chambers.

“In the story they build a very large office building within the estates grounds, which will actually house the MPs’ and peers’ offices and the various parliamentary staff.

“It's a kind of thing, which could be turned around quite quickly. And the obvious thing to me would for it to be around the next general election.”