Our town has turned into '¨a '˜grot spot'

Tour de Yorkshire graffiti in Doncaster, but litter in the town centre is perturbing residents?Tour de Yorkshire graffiti in Doncaster, but litter in the town centre is perturbing residents?
Tour de Yorkshire graffiti in Doncaster, but litter in the town centre is perturbing residents?
From: Mr K Bowen, Ascot Avenue, Cantley, Doncaster.

DONCASTER must be the filthiest town in not only South Yorkshire, but the whole of Yorkshire. Last week I walked the length of the town from South Parade to the bus/railway station.

It is obvious that not one of the people paid to be in charge of cleansing/litter spend any time walking the streets – or they would certainly notice the filth and the lack of cleansing.

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What are the highly paid mayor and councillors doing with their time? As well as the filth, the town looks run down, with more boarded up shops in such a state that it is obvious why nobody wants to come here, either visiting or shopping.

It is all well and good that the MPs and the mayor keep rattling on about the HS2, which is a waste of time and billions of pounds, the engineering college and the link road to the airport, but that will not entice people to come to live and work in a grot spot. Who can blame them? People used to be proud to say they lived in Doncaster. Not now.

Word is apt for Islington set

From: James Robson, Kirbymoorside.

IN case no one has noticed, I wish to hail the advent of yet another child of our amazingly versatile and expressive language – I mean the word ‘commentariat’ which is so apt in its depiction of the outpourings of the Hampstead, Islington, Westminster, and media crew that whoever gave birth to it should receive some kind of gong (and surely would have done in David Cameron’s last honours list).

It is clever and fit for purpose with its echoes of the grim days of Communism and yet such an innocence in its beginning? Comment? It’s a beauty, a mocking summation of the chattering classes so derided and disliked by people in the North.

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The Commentariat now engaged in a frenzy of criticism of the Brexit process which, with the help of ‘never has beens’ like Ed Miliband and ‘never will bes’ like Tim Farron of the defunct Liberal Democrats, are doing their best to confound the referendum result.

Reflecting on global poverty

From: Olly Kay, Youth Ambassador, The ONE Campaign, University of York.

THE International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, on October 17, is a chance to reflect on the challenges faced by millions of people around the world. It is also a moment to look at the huge progress we’ve made – the number of people living on less than $1.90 was more than halved between 1990 and 2010, a massive achievement.

It’s important to remember this issue is relevant locally as it is globally. As a Youth Ambassador for The ONE Campaign, I know people of Yorkshire care about taking action in the fight against extreme poverty. When killer diseases such as Ebola strike, or huge numbers of refugees flee terror and famine, it’s our aid and support that will help people in need. We all have a duty to contribute to the fight against poverty – contacting our MP, volunteering locally – it is together that we will make a difference.

Give to charity anonymously

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From: Mrs K Tasker, Stow Road, Willingham by Stow, Gainsborough.

A SIMPLE answer to Peter Hyde’s moan about charities (The Yorkshire Post, October 8) wanting more and more after he has donated – simply pop a cheque into the envelope but don’t put in your address. That way, they can’t get back at you.

Just shop at a cheaper store

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

QUITE frankly the threat of withdrawing their branded products by the Unilever Group from Tesco’s and other stores doesn’t worry me at all in that there are plenty of rival suppliers with just the same quality at a cheaper price – the Aldi and Lidl stores proving that point with their own alternative products that taste or perform far better.

What this threat does show is that greedy companies like Unilever are only too eager to use Brexit as a God-given opportunity to boost their already sizeable profits.

Note who the printer backs

From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive, Rawdon.

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I RECENTLY returned from the USA and brought back three spoof dollar notes. One has the head of Obama on and a value of 44 dollars, one the head of Trump, 2016 dollars and the third Hillary Clinton, value ‘zero’ dollars. Obama is the 44th US President and secondly, no prizes for guessing who the printer supports.

Please, give me a brake!

From: Gillian Brierley, Stonemill Court, Leeds.

I TRUST that there will be fewer ‘driverless’ car’ mistakes than there were spelling mistakes in the article on the Milton Keynes trial (The Yorkshire Post, October 12). If your brake becomes a break, that really sounds like trouble!

Failing in retirement

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

DAVID Cameron has a new job. He is to head a think tank on the ‘big society’. He failed while in power so how can he succeed in his ‘retirement’?