Parking in York: Where you’re most likely to get a parking ticket in York

The streets in York people are most likely to receive a parking ticket has been revealed following a Freedom of Information request submitted by The Yorkshire Post.

Between April 1, 2022, and April 30, 2023, 975 penalty charge notices (PCN) were handed out in Piccadilly. With hotels, shops and pubs off the city centre road, parking there is conveniently within walking distance to lots of useful places. Consequently, however, it is also popular for parking tickets, topping the list of streets where the most were handed out in the last 12 months where data is available.

Following Piccadilly is Toft Green (516 tickets), Redeness Street (416 tickets), Micklegate (406 tickets) and Walmgate (376 tickets). Kevin Morris, manager at Parking Appeals and CCJ Removal, explained what people can do if they feel their PCN was unjust.

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“You need to check the ticket and that the details are correct, like the location,” he said. “There is usually a deadline to appeal the ticket, so people need to check that deadline. Be patient when appealing because councils can take a while to respond sometimes. Always check the signs, take photographs of where you park and include evidence of where you were.”

York city centreYork city centre
York city centre

Graham Titchener, the City of York Council’s parking service manager, said: “As with any town or city centre, York has a significantly higher concentration of traffic on these streets compared to other areas of the city. Motorists need to be aware of parking restrictions, particularly disabled bays and loading bays, which will naturally be enforced to ensure these bays are used by those who have a legitimate right to them.

“These restrictions are there for a reason and parking in them, even for a few minutes may result in a PCN being issued and not to mention the impacts this parking has on legitimate users. In addition, yellow lines should not be used as temporary parking places. All motorists are asking to park with consideration for others and abide by the restrictions in place, making use of the nearby car parks and on-street pay and display locations.”