People in Yorkshire have the lowest pay in England, according to official figures

People in Yorkshire have a reputation for being tight but there's a reason for that, official figures suggest.

Average pay in Yorkshire is £1,788 a month, which is the lowest in England.

In the UK, only Northern Ireland had lower average monthly pay than Yorkshire at £1,769, according to figures out this week from the Office for National Statistics.

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The highest pay was found in London, where people earned an average of £2,326 a month.

People in Yorkshire are paid the lowest of anywhere in England

However, pay in Yorkshire in the last year has increased more than in other areas, rising 4.98 per cent, compared with the UK average of 4.59 per cent.

Across the UK, while average pay took a hit during the first lockdown, dropping from £1,842 in March to £1,788 in April, it bounced back and was estimated to be £1,921 in November.

The top 1 per cent of earners were earning £12,991 a month in October, while the bottom tenth of people earned £653 a month.

Restaurants, pubs, hotels and other hospitality businesses have suffered during the pandemic, as have the people who work or worked for them.

Between February and November, the number of jobs in accommodation and food services decreased by nearly 300,000 across the UK. To make matters worse, pay fell 4 per cent in those industries during this time, while every other industry saw a pay rise.