Poll points to misery for Liberal Democrats at the General Election

Labour could win 17 seats from the Liberal Democrats at the next General Election including Bradford East, says a new poll.

A survey taking the political temperature in seats held by Lib Dem MPs and where Labour is the main challenger found the Coalition partner had seen its share of the vote fall from 38 per cent to 19 per cent with Labour up 11 points to 47 per cent.

The research was commissioned by polling guru Lord Ashcroft who said the results along with other research pointed to the Lib Dems losing half their MPs.

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He also said the Greens were emerging as the party supported by people who voted for the Lib Dems in 2010 but have been disillusioned by the Coalition and are not willing to support the established parties.

The research including polling in Bradford East which the Lib Dems took from Labour in 2010 with a majority of just 365.

The Ashcroft poll suggests as things stand Labour would secure 45 per cent of the vote in Bradford East compared to 23 per cent for the Lib Dems.

Voters in the constituency were almost evenly split when asked whether they felt the economy will be positive for them and their families over the next year.

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One third of voters said they were dissatisfied with David Cameron’s performance and would prefer Ed Miliband to lead the country.

A Labour Government was the clear preference for Bradford East voters when asked about the outcome of the next General Election.

Alternatives involving coalitions between any of the three major parties were backed by fewer than a fifth of those who took part.