'Rats having a wonderful time' as flytippers plague back alley in Middlesbrough

A fed-up resident told how rats have set home in dumped mattresses in an alleyway plagued by flytippers.

Pictures and a video show piles of rubbish strewn across the alley behind West Terrace in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, on Wednesday morning. A resident said flytipping is an ongoing issue and has attracted pests.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she has made several reports to Middlesbrough Council. An enforcement officer confirmed flytipping is a “serious problem” in the area and they are taking action to catch those responsible.

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The resident said: “Although these alleys have lockable gates people are still managing to get rubbish in. People in other properties from Basil Street and Magdalen Street also use it. I don’t know who is doing it as most of the people along here are respectable. I rang the council again only yesterday and I hope they come today as it’s getting beyond a joke.

Piles of rubbish and flytipping in the back alley in North OrmesbyPiles of rubbish and flytipping in the back alley in North Ormesby
Piles of rubbish and flytipping in the back alley in North Ormesby

“There are rats having a wonderful time with dirty barbecues left from the summer. They are nesting in the filthy mattresses. We try to keep our homes respectable and clean but how can we when these smells are coming through? You can’t even hang your washing out in the summer because of the smell. My blood boils with it.”

Enforcement officer, Michael Trainor, said there is “a serious problem” with flytipping in the alleyways in North Ormesby. “As I am the enforcement officer for the patch, I am doing all I can to solve the problem,” he said.

“We have recently received funding from the local councillor along with the Big Local Fund to provide funding for cameras to be put in the alleyways.” He said a number of people are subsequently under investigation in relation to flytipping.

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“I have also written to nearly all of the tenants in North Ormesby on how to get rid of their waste properly,” he added. Last month, Middlesbrough Council carried out a crackdown on fly-tipping and overflowing bins in the town’s Newport ward.

Environmental safety wardens and the fly-tipping ‘flying squad’ headed to several streets and alleyways in the week of action. The teams were supported by community payback for some of the work, with letter drops explaining the operation to affected residents.

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