Reform UK is 'party of common sense' says leader on Yorkshire votes rally

Reform UK leader Richard Tice has made a rallying call to voters in Yorkshire describing the former Brexit Party as "the party of common sense".

He said the party's focus is to hold council's accountable to spending money wisely. They want to help local communities, stop the rapid increase of council tax and encourage more renewable energy sources.

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Tice, outspoken about reclaiming British values and culture, helped to set up the Brexit party with Nigel Farage and says Reform UK is now standing nearly 500 candidates at the upcoming local elections across England, with a particular focus in Yorkshire.

Speaking during a visit to meet people on the streets of Hoyland, in Barnsley, after addressing a rally in Harrogate, he talked about problems facing the UK and his party's solutions.

He said: "We want to stop local taxpayers cash being wasted on daft schemes that make no difference. We want to help local communities, That revolves around, spending your money wisely.

"There's' wasteful government spending at all levels - local, regional and national."

He conformed Reform UK aims to raise its profile at the next general election with candidates in every constituency in England, Scotland, and Wales. He will stand in Hartlepool.

Tice said the country has been badly led after 13 years of Tory rule. He said people feel worse off, the streets are not safer, and it's much harder to see a doctor or get an ambulance.

Despite Brexit, the immigration system is completely out of control, and that's working to the disadvantage of British citizens, he added.

Reform UK emerged from the Brexit party which renamed itself after the UK left the EU. The party's focus is on making Britain great by making Britain work.

Tice says to make work pay, taxes need to be reduced for the least well off. The party wants the starting point for income tax to be lifted from £12,500 to £20,000 a year, which he says would put £30 a week net in everybody's pocket.

This would free the lowest-paid six million people from paying any income tax.

In more outspoken views Tice said they want to put a stop to teaching gender questioning in schools and sex education to children below the age of 16, which they view as a safeguarding issue.

He said:" We've got to reclaim our British values, our culture, we've got to stop this nonsense being taught in our schools about gender questioning. We're the only party that will call this nonsense and claptrap out and say it's got to stop."

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Reform UK leader Richard TiceReform UK leader Richard Tice
Reform UK leader Richard Tice

* Reform UK candidates will stand in four Barnsley ward local elections on May 4, 2023:

Darfield Ward:

Benjamin Harrison, Conservative Party

Simon Richard Hulme, Liberal Democrats

Scott Andrew McKenzine, Reform UK

Trevor Smith, Labour Party

Hoyland Milton Ward: Michael James Davies Reform UK; Tom Heyes, Green Party; Glenn Charles Lawrence, Liberal Democrats; Cassie Northwood, Independent; Tim Shepherd, Labour Party; Michael John Toon, Conservative Party; Angela Ruth Waller, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Rockingham Ward: Karen Fletcher, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Brian Gregory, Reform UK; Mark Highmouch, Conservative Party; Trevor; Anthony Mayne, Green Party; Jane Townsend, Labour Party; Sue Walters, Liberal Democrats; Andrew Simon Wray, Independent

Wombwell ward: Donna Marie Cutts, Reform UK; Brenda Eastwood, Labour Party; Robert Welton Green, Liberal Democrats; Debbie Toon, Conservative Party.

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