The Yorkshire Post says: Big Lizzie's leaks. Is aircraft carrier all at sea?

HMS Queen Elizabeth has been hit by a leak.HMS Queen Elizabeth has been hit by a leak.
HMS Queen Elizabeth has been hit by a leak.
WHAT'S the worse leak? The water pouring into the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's flagship aircraft carrier, or the fact that the fault is in the public domain?

Though it’s embarrassing that the newly-launched £3.1bn vessel, affectionately nicknamed ‘The Big Lizzie’, is taking on a reported 200 litres of sea water every hour, ships of this size will always encounter snags – hence the seaworthiness trials now underway.

That said, it’s reassuring to learn from Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, that the cost of reparing the defective shaft seal will be recouped from the contractor. What is required, however, is a defence strategy. For, while HMS Queen Elizabeth might, in the words of Scarborough-born politician, be the most magnificent vessel of her type in the world, will Mr Williamson win his funding fight with the Treasury on behalf of the Royal Navy and Armed Forces? Judging by Whitehall’s latest leaks, there are no guarantees 
that he will prevail.