The Yorkshire Post says: Many voters backed '˜leave' before Brexit hype began

Lord Sugar's comments on Brexit have provoked much debate.Lord Sugar's comments on Brexit have provoked much debate.
Lord Sugar's comments on Brexit have provoked much debate.
From: Ian Smith, Bradford.

OBVIOUSLY, I don’t know whether Lord Sugar has evidence to back his opinion “It is my belief that a large section of the British public were misled in forming their decision to vote to leave” (The Yorkshire Post, October 29). It would be nice of him to define ‘a large section’, because he appears not to reckon on the many who decided upon ‘Leave’ ages, even years, before the hype leading up to the referendum.

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The arguments by both sides, during the run-up, never had any effect upon me and my friends. All of us had based our decision to vote ‘Leave’, upon the conduct of a bunch of self-interested bureaucrats, leading a monstrous project towards a single entity, with total disregard for national sovereignties.

Lord Sugar comes over as the classic Remainer.

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

I COULD support Lord Sugar’s call to jail any Brexit ‘liars’ – on condition that a cell next to them is made available for the Remain ‘liars’. Better yet, let’s have a third cell ready for every politician responsible for a party manifesto promise abandoned after their election. In fact, why not go the whole hog and make any necessary legislation retrospective?