The Yorkshire Post says: Rural life lessons. Twinning schools with farms

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.
TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.
EVEN though the Government continues to resist calls from rural leaders to introduce a GCSE course in agriculture at a select number of schools and colleges around the country, Chris Packham, the TV presenter and naturalist, wants all primary schools '˜twinned' with a farm to help children understand how food is produced.

Speaking ahead of the People’s Walk for Wildlife in London this weekend, which he has organised, this suggestion is one of the less contentious measures in a manifesto which also proposes banning driven grouse shooting. Yet it is valid.

If farming, and the natural environment is to survive and thrive, there needs to be greater awareness about the 
natural world.

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And, if the ‘twinning’ plan encourages more children to appreciate the great outdoors, rather than spending even more time on their electronic gadgets of choice, it might also improve the physical health and wellbeing of the country as a whole.