Tony Blair's legacy: '˜A little sketchy guy hanging out with George Bush'

THE legacy of former Prime Minister Tony Blair was finally written last night: 'A little sketchy guy hanging out with George Bush'.

Tony Blair

Blair, who was said to have become obsessed with trying to influence the way his term of office would be remembered, will have been less than enamoured with the latest appraisal, from Hollywood star Danny DeVito.

The actor, who has endorsed US Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and declared himself a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, was scathing of the former PM.

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“Look at your history, for crying out loud,” he said.

“A little sketchy guy hanging out with George Bush. What was his name? Blair.”

DeVito, 71, star said he believed the current Labour leader would make a “great PM” and do a better job than David Cameron, who has faced intense pressure to detail his financial affairs since the Panama Papers leaks.

Speaking at an event for The Motion Picture and Television Fund in Los Angeles, DeVito said: “I like the idea of people telling the truth. I like them to get to the bottom of things. In our government we have a lot of subterfuge.

“Now we’ve got the Panama thing. What is it? Why doesn’t anybody want to pay taxes and just fix the country and make everybody have a good life? It’s really crazy.

“I think he (Mr Corbyn) would make a great PM. Way better than Cameron.”

DeVito’s acting career has spanned five decades and has included starring roles in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Twins, LA Confidential and the classic TV series Taxi.