Tory mayoral candidate Keane Duncan warns of Conservative youth crisis

The Conservative candidate for Mayor of North Yorkshire, Keane Duncan, has warned that the Conservatives are in a “youth crisis”.

It comes after polling from YouGov showed that just 1 per cent of 18-to 24-year-

olds plan to vote Conservative at the next election.

“Fifty years ago, class was the dividing line in British politics. Today, the new dividing

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Tory Mayoral candidate for North Yorkshire, Keane DuncanTory Mayoral candidate for North Yorkshire, Keane Duncan
Tory Mayoral candidate for North Yorkshire, Keane Duncan

line is age,” the 28-year-old told a fringe event entitled The Future of Conservatism.

“We are haemorrhaging support from younger voters. This represents a crisis for our party that we must turnaround if we are to win the next election.”

Mr Keane would be the UK’s youngest ever directly-elected mayor if successful in May’s election.

Addressing the issue of his own young age, he told Young Conservatives at the event: “It’s more important than ever to have younger representation.

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“My message to you all: please do not be dissuaded, do not be deterred by those out of touch with the reality of the predicament facing our party.

“It could not be more important than now for the party’s younger generation to step forward.

“We are the future of our party, the future of Conservatism and the future of the country.

“We can overturn our youth crisis, we can win the next election and the Conservative Party can deliver for the next generation.”

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