Whittingdale backs fairer spread of arts funding

John WhittingdaleJohn Whittingdale
John Whittingdale
CULTURE SECRETARY John Whittingdale has backed calls for the North to receive a better deal over funding for the arts.

Mr Whittingdale warned of a “danger” of too much arts funding being focused on the capital.

The Yorkshire Post has previously revealed the huge geographic differences in funding from Arts Council England.

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Last year, Yorkshire received £11.46 per person compared to £33.77 in the capital.

The Culture Secretary said: “The first thing is to encourage London institutions to either support other institutions outside London or establish satellite posts like the National Railway Museum.

“But then there is about funding locally driven museums, art exhibitions and cultural events and that’s something where the Arts Council have made it clear that, certainly in terms of lottery spending, they see an increasing proportion being spent outside London.

“I do think there is a danger that too much is spent in London and obviously what we want to do is demonstrate that the UK has fantastic cultural offerings right across the country and not just in London.”

The Culture Secretary said culture and tourism had a “very signficant” part to play in the Government’s ‘northern powerhouse’ economic vision for the North of England.