Why people in Leeds say they want the Brexit deal to be rejected

Ahead of tonight's vote on Theresa May's brexit deal, the YEP found little enthusiasm for the controversial proposals on the streets of Leeds.

Jake Fletcher, 29, a musician from Oldham
Jake Fletcher, 29, a musician from Oldham

We spoke to people in Leeds city centre to find out their views.

Lynn Flanagan, 61, a care worker from Killingbeck, said: “I would be happy for my MP Richard Burgon to vote against because I’m not convinced she has got the best deal.“There has been too much infighting within the government for anything to be properly sorted. I can’t imagine no deal would be much worse than her deal.”“We have a much stronger nation than we have been led to believe and we’ll be fine.”Jake Fletcher, 29, a musician from Oldham, said: “I think MP’s should vote against and then we could have a second referendum. We didn’t know what we voted for the first time.“But even if we end up with no deal, I can’t imagine foreign owned businesses leaving the UK so we’ll be fine.“No one likes the uncertainty of no deal but it’s better than her deal.”Mohammed Momoniat, 31, from Headingley, said: “I think they should reject it and get a better deal especially in regards to borders and immigration.

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"We do need to limit immigration but the idea of them having to earn £30,000 to work here is too severe. The low skilled workers do the jobs British people wouldn't do and they are fundamental to our country. We need a deal that controls immigration but without such stringent methods."

Mohammed Momoniat, 31, from Headingley

In the news it talked about immigrants having to earn over £30,000 to work in the UK but low skilled workers are doing the jobs that we wouldn’t do. They are fundamental to our country,.

David Taylor, 73, retired engineer from Moortown, said: “I think we have been pushed into a corner and Theresa May is giving away too much.“I was born in 1943 and have always been anti-eu and I would be happy for us to leave even if we don’t have a deal. “We clearly voted to leave and we should see it through.”

Bekka Simpson, 28, a shop owner from Oldham said: "At this point I don't really care what they vote as long as we just get on with it.

The politicians will act like we have a say but in reality they will vote for what they want, so let’s just get on Brexit - it’s been two years".

Bekka Simpson, 28, a shop owner from Oldham

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David Taylor, 73, retired engineer from Moortown