York Conservatives accept council cabinet role

THE leader of the Conservative group on York Council has accepted the offer a seat on the authority’s cabinet committee.

New Labour group leader Dafydd Williams, who is expected to be voted in as council leader at a meeting tomorrow night, has offered both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats cabinet posts where they will be able to vote on key decisions.

Coun Williams said the gesture was designed to change politics in the city.

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Accepting the offer today, Conservative leader Coun Chris Steward said: “Make no mistake this is only a seat at the table and until May this is still a Labour administration making decisions for the city, which will stand or fall next year on the mistakes they have made running York.

“Coun Williams’s offer is however an excellent window for input and we would be doing residents a disservice if we didn’t accept the challenge.”

If voted in as expected tomorrow, Coun Williams will replace Coun James Alexander as council leader

Coun Alexander announced last month his intention to step down.

York is being run by a minority Labour administration after defections robbed it of overall control.