Yorkshire Party announces plan to stand in December General Election

The Yorkshire Party has announced it will put up candidates to fight in this December’s General Election.

The party, which was founded in 2014, campaigns for campaigns for setting up a Yorkshire parliament or assembly - and got more than 50,000 votes in the European elections.

Chris Whitwood, Yorkshire Party leader, said: "Yorkshire deserves better. From education to housing, Yorkshire is consistently let down by Westminster.

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“Westminster's inability to function has meant key issues for people in Yorkshire have not been addressed. We simply cannot carry on like this.

Chris Whitwood, leader of the Yorkshire Party. Photo: Bruce Rollinson

"The Yorkshire Party is different. We will stand up for Yorkshire on the national stage and hold any Government to account should it fail to address the major inequalities between Yorkshire and other areas of the country. We will invest in our crumbling transport infrastructure that is costing Yorkshire millions. We will fight to bring powers back from Westminster so that we can decide our own future for our own communities. We know Yorkshire's priorities. Westminster doesn't.

"This election gives the people of Yorkshire a clear choice.

“Do we stick with the failed policies of the old Westminster Parties that have failed to deliver for Yorkshire, or do we take control of our destiny at the heart of a re-United Kingdom and decide our future for ourselves? The Yorkshire Party has a positive message we will be taking to the people of Yorkshire and we look forward to exposing the failures of the main parties.

“We know that Westminster isn't working and that Yorkshire deserves better. We will ensure that Yorkshire is heard."

A spokesman said the party was finalising its candidate list and would release this, and which constieuncies they were standing in, soon.