The Yorkshire Post says: Build for the future. Open up construction to women

IT'S ironic that Yorkshire is one of the regions experiencing a shortage of builders, and new recruits to the construction industry, when there is '¨such demand for new houses. Policy-making needs firmer foundations than this lack of '¨foresight.

How can the construction industry be made more attractive to female recruits?

As such, it’s welcome that the All Party Parliamentary Group for Yorkshire is pressing Ministers to do more to encourage young people, and particularly women, to see a career in this sector as a route to a skilled, well paid, long-term occupation.

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In the 21st century, there’s no reason why any career – or profession – should be the exclusive preserve of one sex over the other. Quite the opposite.

After Yorkshire’s Jodie Whittaker became the latest Doctor Who, and galvanised much interest in science and STEM subjects from female students, the onus is on building firms breaking down barriers and becoming more attractive to new recruits, and irrespective of their gender.