The Yorkshire Post says: Let Theresa May get on with the job

THERESA May's insistence yesterday that toppling her as Prime Minister would not help Britain get the Brexit deal it needs had the ring of good sense amid the continuing clamour amongst sections of the Conservatives.

Theresa May is facing a potential leadership challenge over her Brexit deal.

It is possible that she will face a challenge to her leadership this week from ardent Brexiteers within 
the Tory ranks, provided they can hit their target of the 48 letters needed to trigger a vote of no confidence.

Yet it has to be asked what a change of leadership at this stage would achieve. As things stand, the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson have failed to put forward a detailed alternative to Mrs May’s plan – however flawed it is – for achieving a workable deal with the EU that answers the concerns of business which rightly insists there must be a mutually beneficial trading partnership.

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Nor have they produced any answers to the question of what should happen to the border with Ireland.

The movement that wants rid of Mrs May is long on criticism of her, but short on actual policy.

As if to underline that, yesterday’s intervention by the former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab conveniently skated over the fact that he must have been central to the formulation of the deal for leaving the EU of which he is now so critical.

This illustrates the muddle that the Conservatives have got themselves into over Brexit.

There is a danger in all this that Tory infighting becomes the central issue for the Government, instead of securing a deal that is in the interests of Britain. Talk of toppling Mrs May is a distraction the country can ill-afford.

For the time being, the best option is for her to remain in office, and carry on negotiating with the EU to secure further concessions.