The Yorkshire Post says: Little sign of Plan B for Brexit if May's deal fails

theresa may will be hoping that world leaders meeting in Argentina for their annual G20 summit are more sympathetic to her Brexit blueprint than Parliamentarians at Westminster. The Prime Minister left for South America after being cross-examined by senior backbench MPs over her agreement with Brussels '“ and the contingencies if it is voted down by MPs on December 11.

Theresa May needs to set out a plan B if her Brexit strategy is defeated.

Yet, while Mrs May will be hoping that there is no repeat of the events of November 1990 when Tories effectively ousted Margaret Thatcher while the then premier was out of the country at a Nato summit to mark the end of the Cold War, she cannot escape the fact that she’s increasingly isolated in Cabinet, and in the Commons, and simply does not command sufficient support for her Withdrawal Agreement.

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Even the incendiary comments of Bank of England governor Mark Carney about the potential economic impact of no deal Brexit do not appear to have swayed political opinion – the views of Remain and Leave supporters simply became more entrenched.

And while it is imperative that business leaders do hold their nerve as they await clarity, the Government is duty-bound to set out the political, economic and constitutional eventualities if Mrs May’s strategy is defeated so the public can consider them and lobby their MP accordingly before the crucial vote.

This is not a political game. The future of the country is at stake and MPs need to think through the consequences of their actions before they enter the division lobbies. For, given that Britain’s current predicament is due, in part, to David Cameron not having a Plan B in place in the event of a Brexit vote, it is imperative that all the options are weighed up now rather than waiting until after December 11 when there is every likelihood Brexiteer MPs will attempt, once again, to oust Mrs May.