The Yorkshire Post says: School scheming. Dubious tactics to gain places

Parents will always try to do their best by their children, so new findings suggesting that almost one-third of professionals admit to knowing someone who has used 'ethically dubious' tactics to get their offspring into a good school may come as little surprise.

According to the Sutton Trust, questionable methods include buying or renting a second home to use that address, or using the address of a relative. But with such tactics only available to those with the right finances or connections, they fuel a vicious circle in which school standards become ever-more linked to the social class of their intake.

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Most people would find it difficult to criticise parents too harshly for wanting the best for their children. The challenge lies in improving the standards of all educational establishments so that such an unseemly scramble for places becomes less common.

Every parent should have confidence their local school will provide their child with a good education.

What more can be done to make the allocation of school places fairer?