YP Comment: Democracy must not be derailed

For the second time during this General Election, terrorists have attempted to derail the democratic process through their barbaric actions.


National campaigning was suspended yesterday by all the major parties apart from Ukip, whose leader Paul Nuttall warned that stalling the election campaign could lead to more attacks.

It had been suggested that the election itself should be postponed as a mark of respect and to allow the government to deal with this renewed threat. However, the Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed it will go ahead this week as planned.

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The lull in electioneering was the right decision given in the circumstances, but equally we cannot allow violence to disrupt the democratic process indefinitely.

Any delay in the election would have been seen as a victory by jihadists who would like nothing more than to bring chaos and division to our shores. Moreover, it would only serve to give them more time to mount further atrocities.

Initially there was little appetite for this election, which comes less than 12 months after the hugely divisive EU referendum. However, the recent terror attacks have, if anything, served to remind us just how important, despite its flaws, our democracy is.

That’s why it is the responsibility of all those eligible, irrespective of age or political persuasion, to cast their vote on Thursday. Not only is it our democratic right, it is also our democratic responsibility if we want to safeguard the freedoms we cherish.