YP Letters: Beauty of Nidd Gorge must not be put at risk

From: Andy McPhee, Harrogate.

Walkers at Nidd Gorge.

WE moved to North Yorkshire from Surrey in August 2016 because we were attracted to this magnificent area. At that time, we were not even aware of the grandeur of the Nidd Gorge.

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Since becoming more familiar with the area, we have been transfixed by its outstanding beauty which changes with the seasons. We have also been impressed with the hundreds of people, and many more at weekends, who use the Beryl Burton cycleway to ride bicycles (and introduce youngsters to cycling; to walk alone and with family; by dog walkers; by joggers and horse riders.

Moving from the South East, we are certainly well used to traffic congestion on a massive scale and consider that traffic can be slow in this area but it pales into insignificance compared to what we have been used to. Also any schemes we have experienced which aim to solve traffic congestion have always been self-defeating.

The answer to traffic congestion in Harrogate and Knaresborough is surely not to bluntly tear apart a beautiful environment which should be nurtured for present and future generation, but to use skill and imagination to find a permanent solution without fatally damaging this unique spot which should be revered by us all.