YP Letters: Britain has been badly led by self-serving MPs over Brexit

From: Mr R Webb, The Grove, Halifax.

What now for Brexit?

COMMENTATORS regularly speak of the merits of democracy. However, I maintain that we have been excruciatingly ill-served by Parliament over Brexit.

This is the most crucial time for our nation in the post-war era. Debates are characterised by screaming self-servers hovering over the issue like vultures.

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The Prime Minister has, by contrast, displayed huge integrity in her earnest, dedicated and dutiful approach. We should support Mrs May who has striven to produce an agreement.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

CONTRARY to Arthur Quarmby’s assertion (The Yorkshire Post, December 4), the EU is a much bigger customer of the UK than the US. In 2015, the USA imported £45bn from UK, whilst the EU imported £133bn from us.

The EU is the top trading partner for 80 countries, whilst the US is top trading partner for only 20. The EU is the largest single market in the world. That’s a very good reason for us to Remain in the EU. Stop Brexit!

From: J R Turner, Cropton.

ALL our MPs behaving like rats in a sack; Scottish politicians planning to leave the UK; Northern Ireland wanting to stay in and the North of England shouting “devolution”. The EU is laughing all the way to the bank!

From: Allen Davis, Heathfield Court, Grimsby.

BEFORE the Conservatives think of replacing Theresa May, they would do well to recall the story of the professors discussing their recent mistakes, one of whom said that his, as usual, were about average – worse than the last lot, but better than the next.

From: L Brook, Rosewood Court, Rothwell.

THIS country must be the laughing stock of Europe. We spend two years “negotiating the impossible” and, in the meantime, our elected representatives do not have the backbone to take back control of our country, whatever the consequences. By now, we could have renewed our relationships with all other countries and been rebuilding our country and self-respect.

From: Dorothy Cawood, Westbourne Gardens, Garforth.

I AM so fed up with this Brexit. What Theresa May is doing is a disgrace when no one seems bothered about the bedroom tax or food banks. Where will it all end?