YP Letters: Britain needs to have have a people's vote on the Brexit deal

From: Anthony Gledhill, Park Crescent, Roundhay, Leeds.

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?

WITH regard to the Government’s Brexit proposals, enough is enough. We are a trading nation. We need to decide who we will trade with. The British people should not have to put up with this fiasco.

The time has come for the British people to have their say in a people’s vote on the Brexit deal, before we leave the EU on March 29, 2019, with no deal. After that, it will just be too late. This time the debate will be informed by the facts and an informed choice can be made by the people.

From: Mr L Brook, Rosewood Court, Rothwell, Leeds.

THIS Government has breached the rules of democracy. We were offered a vote with two options only, to leave or remain in the EU.

There was no mention of amending their rules, compromising, or making any other changes. The vote was not a party vote, not a constituency vote, but a vote for all the people. The vote was a majority to leave. The meaning could not be clearer. No member of parliament had any right to interfere. There are many countries outside the EU who seem to be able to rule themselves and trade with other countries both in and out of the EU, so what are we afraid of?

From: Canon Keith Punshon, Dalton, Thirsk.

ACCORDING to William Hague, hard realism is being justified to kill Brexit, or have an agreement that “keeps jobs, not destroys them”. This country needs hope and a dream, and a better vision than that we should be realists, grow up and accept that Brexit means Remain. The fundamental question for us is what matters most? A realistic Remain in the EU, or respect for a democratic decision that lets us dream of a better future outside the EU?

From: Thomas Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden.

KEN Cooke (The Yorkshire Post, July 11) tells us that “for the UK there is no better trade deal than membership of the EU”. Our “deal” with the EU requires us to compromise our democracy by making our Supreme Court subservient to the European Court of Justice and costs us £10bn a year in membership fees. How is that a good deal?

From: David West, Bay Crescent, Filey.

AFTER this time of division, we can now come together around Brexit. While the country was excited about the World Cup, we can’t wait for Brexit to be over.