YP Letters: Britain should not kowtow to EU Commission president

Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' but what does she mean?Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' but what does she mean?
Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' but what does she mean?
From: Paul Rouse, Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent, York.

FIRST it was Barack Obama, now its EU Commission President Martin Schulz telling us what will happen to us unless we behave. The British people ignored Obama’s threats, quite rightly, but Schulz needs to be taught a lesson. We must remember that, like all the senior EU bureaucrats, he is where he is because of political manoeuvring, rather than popularity.

Schulz was adamant that any deal between Britain and the EU cannot deviate from the terms of business we have voted to leave, free movement included. His tone of voice was that of a German dictator who feels entitled to run Europe on his terms, and punish those who dare to disagree.

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Many commentators are warning us against adopting a ‘hard’ approach to Brexit. Well, if what I saw of Mr Schulz is the way he intends to play it, we have no choice, but I think that suits our purposes.

What sort of message does his attitude send out to the other EU nations? Is it that any of them who have the temerity to decide in the future that they would like to leave the Union, will suffer as he intends to make the UK suffer?

Is it his intention to ignore the massive business benefits enjoyed by German car makers and French farmers, and the enormous trading surplus enjoyed by the whole EU from trade with Britain? Well he might, but I doubt that the countries involved will.

With all necessary apologies, and due deference, we must put our terms before the European leaders, and explain that we can only offer as much as the Brexit decision realistically allows. Then, we get on with creating our trade deals with the rest of the world. I doubt that anyone would expect the UK to yield to a German dictator, do you?

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

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AT the next election, the main parties may have problems. The Conservatives are divided due to the referendum and the EU gravy-train MPs have declared war upon their leader, their voters and democracy.

If Brexit does not result in uncompromised political freedom from the EU, Ukip will have the problem of printing enough membership application forms. A return to UK passports and control of our borders and fishing grounds is essential. Over-population gives rise to myriad ill-effects yet when discussing immigration no one points out that the UK has an overcrowding problem. Already, we have four times the number of people per square mile as France, for example.