YP Letters: Cameron is using PM's Questions like a playground bully

From: Mike Bytheway, Oakwood, Leeds.

David Cameron's tactics at PMQs have offended readers.

NOW it is David Cameron using PMQs like a playground bully of the first order, not answering questions asked and turning the answers into overt racist innuendo, showing lack of respect for Parliament.

I will never vote again after the June 23 referendum – one last hurrah against the EU.

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We need a modern, respectful Parliament with the questions asked being answered and with less noise and jeering. That is what we pay for and therefore deserve.

From: J D Clark, Burnsall.

WHAT does the last Prime Minister’s Questions say about David Cameron? Since his failure to extract anything worthwhile from his European negotiations, he seems to have lost the plot and is panicking.

With the Opposition in tatters and totally unelectable, the Government should be running the country with confidence and not indulging in this childish behaviour. Is the root of Mr Cameron’s conduct the fear that the referendum might be lost?

From: Peter Hanson, Huddersfield.

UNTIL the recent arrival of President Obama, I was totally undecided on the in/out referendum. Listening to the President’s speech, I was left in no doubt as to the way I was thinking.

The President wasn’t just advising or suggesting – he was telling us, the British people, what to do. If we don’t comply with his demands all the toys will be thrown out of the pram. Thank you, Mr President, for making my mind up for me.

From: D Wood, Howden.

IN reading the letter ‘Putting forward the facts on the EU membership debate’ (The Yorkshire Post, May 2), I can honestly say I have never read so much nonsense.

Does Mr Buckley actually live in the real world? Does he not know the lies, deceit and skulduggery that Edward Heath employed to get us into this mess in the first place? These aren’t facts; they are fantasies. The real facts of the EU referendum debate are quite simple.

Do we want to be governed by a democratically-elected British government at Westminster which the British people alone can elect and remove? This would allow us to control immigration and our borders, our own trade deals, and everything else currently under the control of the EU. Sixty per cent of our laws currently comes from the EU with many more in the pipeline.