YP Letters: Caroline Flint MP right to implement will of her constituents on Brexit

From: Alan Machin, Bessacarr.

Caroline Flint MP.
Caroline Flint MP.

THE letter from Ant French (The Yorkshire Post, October 29) criticises Caroline Flint MP for saying she may support a Brexit deal. All she is doing is implementing the will of her constituents who voted around two to one to leave the EU.

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To refer to Brexit as a “hard-right Tory dream” is nonsense; many people on the left of politics, such as George Galloway, Denis Skinner and Austin Mitchell, are staunch Eurosceptics. In fact Jeremy Corbyn was always against the EU until he became leader of the Labour Party and, shedding his principles, looks only to gain political advantage.

Although I would prefer to leave and go to WTO terms, and not pay the £39bn bill, I can accept her decision when it comes to the so-called ‘meaningful’ vote which is more than you can say about many people who voted for remain.

From: Carol Sykes, Sheffield.

IT seems Caroline Flint is in favour of approving Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union if the Prime Minister and her divided Cabinet manage to get one.

Caroline explains that she would support the Government’s deal because voting against it would mean we would be certain to crash out with no deal, which would be much worse. There’s a simple way to avoid that. Former GP Sarah Wollaston plans to table an Informed Consent amendment when Parliament votes on the deal. Caroline should support that amendment. The deal can then be put back to us, the public, to see whether we still want to go ahead. That would be a way out of this mess and give the country a chance to get back on track.

Caroline struggles to say what benefits Brexit would bring leave voters in Doncaster.

If she plans to support a fudge that further undermines the NHS, leads to more austerity and causes another drop in the value of the pound, she should at least want to be sure that her constituents still support her in doing so.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

WHILE I have the utmost admiration for people who have fought for their country and worked for front line services, I find myself at odds with what Bryan Barrett is saying (The Yorkshire Post, October 27).

Is he seriously advocating a near-Marxist Labour party running this country? If this happens, he will realise what austerity really means. A Venezuela-type government will bankrupt this country.