YP Letters: Confusion on the buses over wheelchair space

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

Should more buggies and prams be allowed on buses?

I REALLY think that the bus companies should get together to work out a consistent policy as to the carrying of baby buggies and prams. For potentially awkward situations can exist as things are at present.

There is the space at the front reserved for wheelchair users, that, in their absence, is frequently occupied by a baby conveyance. If, though, someone comes on board with a wheelchair, they are asked to either fold up their buggy, or – as is more likely – move to the side where the folded-up chairs are.

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No more buggies or prams are then allowed on. Similarly, if a second person gets on with a pram or buggy, they invariably go to the space occupied by the folded-up chairs. Then if a wheelchair user wishes to board, one of the prams or buggies will have to be folded up.

This is all well and good, provided the buggies or prams can be folded! That isn’t neccessarily the case, as with a bus I’ve just got off which had a lady with an ordinary-size pram. So, if the instance above arose, would she be asked to get off the bus with her child? Not ideal, especially on a rainy day and with an infrequent bus service.

To me the answer has to be only allowing buggies and prams onto vehicles if they can be properly folded.