YP Letters: Contempt for Brussels bureaucrats led Britain to Brexit

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

A pro-EU rally outside the Scottish Labour Party Conference this week.

DICK Lindley appears to take delight in the potential dissolution of the EU as a result of trade tariffs imposed by Donald Trump (The Yorkshire Post, March 8).

The evidence from your letters page suggests that contempt for “unelected bureaucrats” was at least, in part, a reason for people voting to leave the EU. Yet EU leaders’ beastly intransigence seems to have taken them by surprise.

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Donald Tusk has argued that there could be “no winners, only losers” in Brexit.

While it is beyond doubt that the EU will be weaker without the UK, it is not a cast-iron certainty that we will be better off. Brexit may be very complex but the aim of EU leaders is simple: to stop us getting out. Whether an atrophied EU should concern us is another debate.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Stumperlowe View, Sheffield.

I’D like to address the rather pompous letter by His Honour James Stewart QC eliciting the £350m promise on the NHS as an alleged fraudulent and worthless promise and therefore a misrepresentation in breach of contract. Such a violation, according to the QC, endows the Remain lobby with the right to call for a second referendum.

The judge’s memory must be failing him. Before the referendum, the Government and most of the establishment attempted to create fear, backed by the Treasury, if we voted to opt out.

In spite of this, every geopolitical region in England, apart from London, had a majority vote in favour of Leave. Remainers seem unaware it wasn’t just the “ignorant” North!

From Alan K Biggin, Shelf, Halifax.

HIS Honour James Stewart QC, a thwarted Remainer, is, in his recent letter, still as misinformed as his ‘brothers in arms’.

These people don’t give up, do they? No doubt should Jeremy Corbyn ever achieve his heart’s desire and settle into Number 10, then the £350m a week may very well end up with the NHS, but at what cost?

From: P Rhodes, Leeds.

WHY is it that John Major and Tony Blair are getting involved in Brexit?

I don’t remember John Major asking the UK to vote on Maastricht. Tony Blair did not listen to the UK on the Iraq war.

So let Prime Minister Theresa May get on with the job on getting the best deal for the UK.