YP Letters: Cost of Brexit was not put to the public at time of EU vote

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

Brexit continues to polarise public and political opinion.
Brexit continues to polarise public and political opinion.

ARTHUR Quarmby (The Yorkshire Post, October 4) states, no matter how painful, difficult and expensive leaving the EU might be, as far as he is concerned it is a price worth paying, and I respect any Brexiteer who holds this view.

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Few Brexit politicians are now suggesting that we will actually be better off, or saying if we are it will not be for a long time, Jacob Rees-Mogg recently suggested that it might take 50 years.

However this is not how Brexit was sold to the British public by ‘Vote Leave’, and if they had campaigned and still won the referendum on the basis of what is being said now, there would have been very few so-called Remoaners, or calls for a People’s Vote (Rachel Reeves, The Yorkshire Post, October 6).

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

JOHN Turley (The Yorkshire Post, October 1) says that all the evidence shows that we can withdraw our notice to leave the EU and continue our membership on the current terms. That is simply not true, as legal opinion is divided and the matter has recently been referred to the European Court of Justice for a ruling.

It’s just conjecture, of course, but even if they do rule that we can withdraw our notice, exercising that power will open a Pandora’s box of constitutional, political and economic problems. If the Houses of Parliament take it on themselves, the backlash does not bear thinking about.

As for a second referendum, whatever question was asked, the essence of it would still be “Do you wish to return to self-government or do you wish to continue to pass that responsibility to the EU?’. It’s just wishful thinking of course, but I think the answer will be the same as last time!

From: J Carr, Leeds.

WHY are people so hell-bent on another referendum? We all voted for what we believed to be the right decision for us. I, with other members of my family, voted to stay in Europe, but accepted the majority decision.

Now, after listening to the demands of the EU which are 
all about money and what they can squeeze out of the UK, we 
are pleased to be leaving and would vote to leave if there was another vote.

Do not waste more money on another referendum. Let’s have all our MPs get together and get a good deal. We can only do this if all parties unite. Europe is making a laughing stock of the UK.