YP Letters: Council review is needed to deliver services we pay for

From: JKM Krawiec, Station Road, North Thoresby.

Should there be a review into the role of local councils?
Should there be a review into the role of local councils?

YOUR editorial calling for a review of the role of councils is timely (The Yorkshire Post, September 18), but does not go far enough.

We need a grown-up discussion on what public services need to be provided, and by whom. Equally we need to address the question on how these services are to be paid for.

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Good services are not obtained on the cheap, thus how these are funded is central to any debate. Linked to this is the question about whether we want local government or merely local administration.

If the latter, then there would be no voice for any region or area and we would be even more reliant on a London/South East centric Government.

I believe the rational approach should be setting up something akin to a time-limited Royal Commission, and the time is ripe for such an approach with current Parliamentary time dominated by Brexit.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

YOUR call for a review into local councils does not go far enough. There should be a presumption that no chief executive or senior officer is paid more than £120,000.

There are too many unjustifiable salaries in local government.