YP Letters: Electronic messaging lessons for youngsters

From: David Collins, Scissett.

Do children need lessons in social media?

MUCH is made of the misuse of electronic messaging by – and to – children. However nobody seems to mention how this is taught in schools.

In the old days children were taught to read and write using paper and pencils.

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Now it is essential that children are taught at that same age to communicate electronically.

Lesson one:

There is an off switch;

Nothing you read on your device is true. You must check everything;

Any idiot can publish and it will be given equal prominence with real information;

It is impolite to interrupt someone speaking to answer the phone. Just as it would be impolite to interrupt someone at the table;

Bullying is just as much a nuisance on a device as it is in real life. Report it;

If it seems to good to be true, then it is;

Don’t discuss personal and private items on a device. The whole world is listening. There is no privacy, whatever settings you use;

This is the best device you will own, but also the most dangerous.