YP Letters: EU referendum is over but country even more divided

Jeremy Corbyn's future is on the line.Jeremy Corbyn's future is on the line.
Jeremy Corbyn's future is on the line.
From: Brian Nugent, Pecket Well, Hebden Bridge.

ACCORDING to the ‘Bitterite’ Labour MPs, it’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. How do we know this? Because less than half of Labour voters supported Remain. Doesn’t this just reflect the national result?

What it says to me is that there is no crisis that cannot be used to override the party membership and undermine the current leadership. Apparently the referendum result demonstrates how out of touch Jeremy is with immigration and the feelings of ordinary Labour voters.

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Is Caroline Flint, the Don Valley MP, seriously suggesting Labour becomes the anti-immigrant party? I think it is time there was a vote of no confidence in many Labour MPs, not their leader!

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

WILL every one of our local Labour MPs, who did not follow the will of the people by yet again voting totally in the opposite way to the

majority of their constituents, be following David Cameron in resigning?

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

NICOLA Sturgeon’s strident demands for a new Scottish referendum are simply silly, at this point, such a very short time after the last one (Mark Stuart, The Yorkshire Post, June 25).

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The obvious way forward is to sit back, see how the UK develops over the next five or six years outside the EU then let the Scottish people decide based on actual economic knowledge rather than wild guess work.

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

MY winners and losers. Leave winner: Iain Duncan Smith –an un-excitable, level headed, modest individual who oozed common sense.

Remain loser: George Osborne – the complete opposite.

Bonus marks to Leave winners: The Yorkshire Post’s columnists Tom Richmond and Bill Carmichael who presented the real, un-biased pictures.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

DAVID Cameron and George Osborne tried using terror tactics to try to persude us to vote Remain. They backfired because the great British public saw through the hype and lies and voted Leave. Now Mr Cameron has done the honourable thing and resigned, so Mr Osborne should do the same. Both Labour and Conservative paties need a clean sweep and new leaders to take the country forward.

From: Alex Roberts, expat Yorkshireman (Leeds).

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IT’S not often a nation votes to make itself poorer and actually invites economic chaos. A lower pound (already trading at a 30-year low), higher prices, inflation, higher unemployment, stressed pension plans and economic and political uncertainty are headed Britain’s way. What a catastrophic national error of judgment. If ever a country needed a crash course in basic economics and globalism.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

MANTY of those who were persuaded to vote Leave by the lies and false promises of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will not be laughing when they discover that the value of their holiday pound has been significantly reduced, the value of their workplace pensions based on performance of the stock market has gone down and even their jobs may be at risk.

From: Mary Jackson, West Ella Way, Kirk Ella.

WELL done England, we’ve out Trumped Trump! Using the same arguments which we have laughed at incredulously when delivered by Donald Trump, we have, as a country (England), voted to leave the EU, our safest haven in this very troubled and worrying world. Now we shall all have to live with the consequences, whether we chose them or not.

From: David Cragg-James, Stonegrave, York.

I WRITE with a sense of shame at being British, but also a sense of anger at David Cameron and his cabal who unleashed the horror of the right wing on this country.

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If Scotland secedes, will Cameron enter the history books as the Prime Minister who broke the United Kingdom, broke that force for good and co-operation – the European Union – and broke the planet as our power diminishes to stop those corporate forces whose exploitation of the earth contributes to global warming and climate change?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the plight and hurt of those refugees in our midst, and with our youth. Before Cameron goes, let him first salvage what he can of our honour and our country.

From: Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association.

LET’S just everyone, take a long, deep, calm breath. Leaving the EU is completely unknown territory, and jumping to conclusions isn’t going to help anyone.

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We welcome the Mark Carney’s steadying words and his reassurance that the Bank of England and the Treasury have extensive contingency plans in place to ensure the country’s financial stability.

Any knee-jerk reaction will have a real impact on our members’ mortgages, tenants’ rents and overall confidence in the market.

So we would urge the policy as regards to interest rates should be, to continue the Prime Minister’s analogy, one of steady as she goes.

From: Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley, South Yorkshire

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EVEN more suprising was the Labour South and West Yorkshire voting out, except Leeds. Hard to belive but a bloody nose for the smug MPs who thought that their sheep would follow orders this time. Most are Jeremy Corbyn cronies and they got what they deserved. The message: Start thinking about the Labour working class, not the cheats and fiddlers and crooks.