YP Letters: EU's bizarre version of democracy puts Germany in control

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Will it be expedient for Theresa May to sanction a second referendum on Brexit?

I’D like to congratulate Ken Cooke (The Yorkshire Post, September 11) for his courage in attempting to confront the Brexit cause on its own ground. He cites the three main components of this bizarre system of democracy that demands some democratic evaluation.

First, the Commission, the driving force of Brussels, the initiator of new laws and regulations. I can only describe as being as democratic as a stag rut at mating time, since all the commissioners are appointed, by a clandestine process.

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Second, the Council of Ministers, who play a controlling role in legislation, consists, besides Britain, of 27 other ministers, none of whom are elected by UK voters. In Ken Cooke’s view, “every bit as democratic as the UK”.

Third, the European Parliament is more or less a nodding donkey in passing laws introduced by the Commission and the Council even though it has the power to reject or amend such legislation. Britain’s representatives, namely MEPs, voted in by our electorate, are a small minority 73 out of 751 in the decision-making of that legislature.

Ken Cooke finally concludes that direct rule from the EU would further Yorkshire’s and the North’s interests by sidelining London. Is zero democracy his ultimate aim?

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

IF the Remainers win, Britain will be penalised by the EU for daring to challenge its authority. (Germany may well seize the opportunity to score back for its humiliations in 1918 and 1945).

The minor difficulties stemming from no-deal Brexit will be dwarfed by length and severity of Britain’s punishment for daring to challenge the EU.

And then the turmoil from within Europe will inevitably lead to the collapse of the whole EU structure – assuming, of course, that Germany does not simply close its iron fist around the continent.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

SO Labour will vote against any deal on Brexit and Diane Abbott will go back to Tony Blair’s ‘let everyone in’ policy. No surprise there then! What is a surprise is the number of people prepared to vote for a Labour set up of Marxists and left-wing agitators prepared to sell this country down the river. Either they are too thick to realise what’s going on within Labour or they simply don’t care. Woe betide this country if these idiots get power.