YP Letters: Floods show why we need a united Yorkshire

From: Martin Swift, Craigview, Sauchie, Alloa.

REALLY the time has come for all in this great county of Yorkshire to realise that we need a devolved assembly to see to uniting all areas of the region in all aspects of life (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, January 12).

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This is especially true following the debacle from Westminster and the Environment Agency regarding the recent floods.

On one hand flood defence is being looked at; while on the other hand these projects are being either cancelled or mothballed until another disaster occurs. With 
global warming as just one 
factor in play among the various global environmental issues 
we face, we are just another storm away from more 

Naturally I don’t want to 
see a devolved Yorkshire Assembly just to sort out the county’s environmental issues, but also to look at areas where that assembly has been granted devolved powers for the benefit of all within the boundary of Yorkshire. There is no reason why all political parties, as well as independent people, can not pursue this goal to unite on bringing the whole of this great county to the prominence of the Government’s Northern Powerhouse proposal and therefore put Yorkshire first.